Now Or Nvr

Everything we do is in house, and we prefer to work that way. Our lead designer, Nicky, is 1/3rd of NON. He’ll put a design together, and we might end up switching it up 20 times before its complete. That’s how our Fall designs were done up. Big ups to him for putting up with me wanting to flip things all the time.

On another note, about 1 year ago today I sketched this out as our official logo for NowOrNvr. It’s since been cleaned up, but this was the original look.

With our Fall release, we decided on no specific theme, so the design ideas we’re wide open. No boundaries were set. Also, due to the demand we were getting, a limited v neck design for the women will be available. Very limited quantities on the women’s tee, so girls don’t miss out! Our designs are now off to print. I’ll announce the release date soon, so stay tuned. Thanks to our supporters and followers out there!