Thank You

With a little over a month left in 2012, we the NowOrNvr team just wanted to say thanks to all our supporters. This year we kept things pretty exclusive as far as releases go, 10 pieces to be exact. Main reason being that this was our first year as a brand, and also finding the time with to produce items. Everything we do with the brand is in house. Designs, concepts, ideas, funding is all us. Wouldn’t want it any other way. Myself (JR), NickyNON, and MichaelNON all work full time jobs. Living in San Diego and the twins back in Glendale, Arizona, putting our creative minds together and focusing on NowOrNvr can get hard at times. But we’re always on the same page, constantly mapping out our next moves with the line. 100% committed to what we do. We tested the waters with what we put out this year, and to this exact day, we literally have 7 tees total left available inside of Fly (our one and only current retailer) back in Arizona. Go get those!! That’s it, nothing else. That alone tells us that the feedback was great and support was stong.
We’re doing what every other new brand is trying, building a strong set of supporters and creating that demand in our supply. All while keeping things original and doing the opposite of what everyone else is. NowOrNvr is a mentality to live by. No regrets, we do what we do type life, expressing what your about in the form of our designs and look. That’s what we are about. That will NVR change.
Going forward into 20X3 as a brand, we’ll not only be releasing pieces during the normal seasons, but really at any given time. The items are lined up and the production for our next release are in progress. Gonna try and get these new items out before the years end. Until then, again thank you to all the family, friends and supporters for a strong 2012.